CNY Arts, Inc.


Bring More Art and Creativity into Your Life

Want to bring more creativity, satisfaction, and happiness into your life? Add more art and creative curiosity to your upcoming days, weeks, and months for this new year.

Art is crucial because it provides us meaning. There are things that cannot be simply explained by reason or logic, like love and beauty. Through art and creative expression, whether we surround ourselves with art in our homes, experience news ideas on stage,  listen to our favorite playlists, or create something ourselves, art and creative expression provides us with a deeper connection to our emotions and the world around us. 

Why We All Need More Art in Our Lives: 

  1. Art relieves stress - Who doesn’t need some stress relief?
  2. It breaks cultural, social, and economic barriers - We need better understanding of each other more than ever these days.
  3. Creativity allows us to think of new possibilities and expand on ideas - We will need creative ideas to solve some of our most challenging issues. 
  4. Art promotes cultural appreciation - In our world that is preoccupied with our smartphones, art can connect us to our history, traditions, and culture. 
  5. In the end, Art and Creativity brings us joy - Who can argue with that?

Make this year a year where art, creativity, and expression is a part of your life.

Need some ideas to bring more art and creativity into your life? Visit our Regional Events Calendar and discover programs and events  from across Central New York. You can even stream many of these events right into your home. 

If you are interested in visiting some of the heritage and museum sites that are open, make sure to visit their websites for updated information regarding COVID-19 measures for visitors.