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New Spring Season for Syracuse Community Choir

Keep on Moving Forward, New Spring Season Begins at Syracuse Community Choir

Syracuse Community Choir


The Syracuse Community Choir has announced their new Spring 2021 Season, Keep on Moving Forward. 

The Choir's season theme, Keep on Moving Forward is inspired by the song of the same name by the musical group, Emma’s Revolution, representing the process of moving forward together as a choir and a community amidst the many challenges of this past year.

This season includes singing workshops, events, and several virtual performances with some incredible Central New York community artists like Elisa S. Keeler, Danan Tsan, Signature Soul (Signature MiMi and Marco Soulo), Marcia Hagan, Colleen Kattau, Alison Frost, and more!

Their next events is next Wednesday, April 14: Freeing Your Voice: A Singing and Harmony Workshop by Elisa S. Keeler.

Participants will:

  • Experience the uniting and uplifting nature of simple, soulful songs and harmonies.
  • Engage in exercises that increase vocal health and singing stamina.
  • Sing for joy, peace, healing, hope, truth and love in a supportive environment.

Other Season Events Include:

April 21: Re-awaken Your Singing Voice with Danan Tsan

April 28: Signature Soul in Concert - Live Streamed on Facebook and Youtube

May 12: Marcia Hagen & Guests in Concert - Live Streamed on Facebook and Youtube

June 30: Virtual Summer Concert - Live Streamed on Facebook and Youtube

The Syracuse Community Choir is a welcoming and inclusive community of singers who come together to sing songs of peace and social justice. Their events are open to the public and new members are always welcome to join the choir. For more information on how to join and information on their season, visit the Syracuse Community Choir website.