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Request for Artwork

Upstate Cancer Center Call For Artwork

The Upstate Cancer Center, located in Syracuse, New York, is seeking proposals for a variety of artwork for their Madison Irving Gynecology Oncology location expansion in Syracuse.

The theme for the Cancer Center is “Healing through Nature."

This can be expressed in a variety of ways such as: architecture, color, community, family, light, movement, nature, line and form, pattern and texture. The Art Committee is open to ideas by artists to express the concept of nature that is appropriate in a healing environment.

  • Images of people and/or nostalgia should not be submitted because research shows possible negative associations.

The committee is seeking artists who preferably reside in the State of New York, particularly those in Upstate’s service area (Broome, Cayuga, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, Otsego, Seneca, St. Lawrence, Tioga, Tompkins counties) and those who are interested in providing inspirational, healing and refreshing images in a wide variety of mediums including original art, paintings, drawings, prints, murals, mixed media art, mosaics, ceramics, sculpture, fabric art, collages, photography, etc. Existing and commissioned artwork will be considered.

Although a majority of the art will be wall-mounted, we are still open to all mediums and types of art. Two and three dimensional artwork will be considered. All artwork must meet infection control and environmental safety standards (fire resistant, unbreakable, etc.).


Pricing will be one of the major considerations in the overall selection process. Artists must include prices with their submissions. The budget is all-inclusive and must cover design fees, travel expenses, all materials and fabrication costs, insurance costs, shipping or transportation to the site or framer, preparation for installation, taxes, personal documentation, and site visits.

Note: All framing will be completed by an outside vendor.


The Upstate Foundation will accept donations of art for the Upstate Cancer Center. These unrestricted donations will be prominently displayed. Art donations will only be accepted if the Art Committee decides that it meets with the overall theme and standards of the building.


The following are guidelines for approximate recommended sizes of space for artwork needed:

  • 36”H x 144”W - maximum dimensions for waiting room – 3 pieces #1
  • 36”H x 72”W - maximum dimensions for waiting room – 1 large piece #2
  • 30”H x 24”W – maximum dimensions for outside NP Ofc #3
  • 36”H x 72”W – maximum dimensions for outside Exam Rooms North #4
  • 36”H x 36”W – maximum dimensions for outside Exam Rooms North #5
  • 36”H x 36”W – maximum dimensions for outside Exam Rooms North #6
  • 36”H x 36”W – maximum dimensions for outside Exam Rooms South #7
  • 36”H x 36”W – maximum dimensions for outside Exam Rooms South #8
  • 24”H x 24”W – maximum dimensions for outside Exam Rooms South #9


Only digital images will be accepted. Digital images (jpg or pdf) of artwork must be named with artist’s name, medium and size of image (i.e. SmithJohn1_18x24, SmithJohn2_36x40, etc.). You can submit one of two ways:

  • Submit a PowerPoint slide show that can be viewed on both Macintosh and PC computers. The first slide should contain contact information for the artist. Each piece needs to be labeled with name, medium, dimensions, and price. Please, do not use backgrounds other than black or white for PowerPoint slides.

Upstate reserves the right to revise the selection process, committee composition, and criteria.


Pieces must be made available by early-March 2021 in order to meet the deadline for an early April 2021 opening.



Responsibility for Submissions

Although we will make every effort to protect the materials you submit, Upstate is not responsible for the loss or damage of any application materials submitted. Submission materials will not be returned.

RFP Revision: Upstate reserves the right to revise this RFP, including, but not limited to, the application due date, the number of artists accepted, the timeline, the art budget, the ASP composition, and the selection criteria.

Responsibility for Application Costs: Upstate is not liable for any cost incurred by any person responding to this RFP. The applicant is fully responsible for all application costs. Upstate does not assume any contractual or financial obligation as a result of the issuance of this RFP, the preparation and submission of an application by a respondent, the evaluation of an accepted proposal, or the selection of finalists.