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Frequently Asked Questions

Assistance with completing this funding request is available by contacting: 

Project Lead: 

Sofia Gutierrez, Arts Leadership Fellow, CNY Arts 


P: 315-435-2126 

Alternate contact: 

Jeremy Stoller, Program Manager, CNY Arts 


P: 315-435-2158 

Public Art Advisor:

Adam Carlin

Feel free to reach out to either contact above to request a 1-on-1 consultation or site visit with Adam. 


Making an Impact: Themes, Locations, Community Relevance

As outlined in our guidelines, we are seeking innovative, imaginative public art proposals that
engage with the community in meaningful ways.

  • How is the site, location, and theme relevant to the public?
  • How involved were residents in determining site, location, and theme? (Things to consider:
    the project might include a Request for Proposals, community review sessions, or public voting
  • How is this project invigorating the site, activating public interest, and/or engaging with
    new audiences? (Things to consider: how projects might include historical reflection, touch on
    contemporary issues, and/or reflect on the future of Onondaga County.)
  • Who will have easy access to the art, and how will they engage with it? Is it interactive?
    (Things to consider: how the art will offer opportunities for engagement – which can include taking photos and posting on social media – with the goal of promoting the art and your municipality as a destination for the neighborhood, larger community, and for visitors.)
  • What is the longevity of the project in terms of durability and relevance for the
    community in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? (Things to consider: the intended permanence, durability, and lifespan of the artwork.)

Project Budget, Site, Materials, Technical Support

These sorts of details will aid the panel and County of Onondaga in getting on board with your project.

  • Site location, dimensions, and preparation details. 
  • A budget that clearly outlines costs, including artist’s fee, site preparation, and project materials.
  • Indication that, if necessary, you have consulted a contractor, architect, or other technical expert to determine the above details, and/or that you have budgeted for such consultation.

Artistic Collaborators

Per the guidelines, you do not need to have your lead artist/s confirmed in order to apply, but your application will be stronger if it includes a clear plan for engaging a qualified local artist, and indication that a qualified artist/expert is involved in devising your proposed project.

  • If you have potential candidates in mind, we recommend including their names, artistic work samples, and your relationship to them. 
  • How will you find artist candidates for consideration? Will you invite community input? (Things to consider: the project might include a Request for Proposals, community review sessions, or public voting opportunities.) 
  • As a reminder, CNY Arts is happy to work with your office to connect you with a qualified local artist. We also recommend that you check out: 

Additional Public Art Resources 


As long as the expense is directly under the purview of the project, it may be included in the budget.

We recommend a funding request of between $5,000 - $20,000 based on the artist, size, and materials used. 

Yes, the project can include work across several sites, such as a thematically connected installation.

Yes, municipalities may submit separate funding requests for individual projects.

Yes, this is a separate program. We encourage all municipalities, including those who receive Main Street program funding, to apply for public art funding!

Yes, we can! Please reach out to Sofia Gutierrez, Arts Leadership Fellow, for more information.